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 Sell with us 

Attention Colorado artists! Come sell with us! We have space for all sizes to accommodate your artists' wares. Sell your art at one store, or all 3! Prices range from 30.00 and up with a 6 month contract (pay the full 6 months for a 5% discount.) Plus our incredibly low store commission, of only 20%.

Additionally, for only $10 a month, a Borgata will help you showcase your website, etsy store, or social media in our online directory. - giving you the advantage of additional sales.


Email to contact sell your art with us!

Call Pennie at: (303) 653-6422 or email:

Attention a Borgata artists! The first 25 a Borgata artists to submit listings will receive their directory listing free for 6 months!

Please note: if upload is not working, send images and information to

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