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Tundra Winds Images by Donna Dannen

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

Donna Dannen is an award-winning photographer, writer, and teacher. She has worked as an outdoor editorial photographer, photographer in National Parks for Eastman Kodak, Ranger-Naturalist, photographer for the National Park Service, and teacher of adults and children. She has published books and a variety of print media, including posters, brochures, newsletters and magazines. Her wildlife photos depict the things we, as humans, can understand: choosing partners, raising families, tenderness for offspring, teaching and guiding the younger generation, and making a living in the world. These things are similar for all animals and help us understand we are not so different from the non-human world. Donna feels there is a natural world we need to know beyond our busy human lives. Her depiction of wild critters, floral details and natural landscapes are part of the harmony and serenity we all can find beyond ourselves within the natural world. Donna has numerous awards from camera club contests, and is a Showcase Award winner in the North American Nature Photography Association’s annual competition.

My products include all types of photo gifts and art. I have aluminum metal float and framed prints, Duraplaq float prints laminated on wood, and framed and/or matted prints. I also sell coasters, luggage tags and greeting cards with nature as my inspiration. Some of my cards are holiday oriented, under the name of "Greetings by Nature."

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